Day 10: Value Proposition, Core, and Competitive Position

South Africa Summer 2017 Blog

Written by: Erin Golden

July 6, 2017

Hi all,

Hope everyone enjoyed learning more about your value proposition, core, and charting your competitive position!  Please see today's slides at this link:

Each team should have received a handout in class on tonight's assignment.  Details below: 

Slide 1: Title 

*Slide 2: End User Profile - Key Features: gender, age range, income range, geographic location, motivations, fears, passions, hobbies, why are they going to use this product?

*Slide 3: User Persona - One real person who represents your ideal customer from the group of people who represent your end user profile

*Slide 4: Decision Making Unit - Define the following:

Champion - who is going to push to get this product? 

Economic Buyer - who will eventually put down the money to acquire your product?

End User - who will be using your product on a day to day basis?

Primary or Secondary Influencer - this person’s opinion highly influences the DMU

Person with Veto Power - if this person is not on board, the product will not be bought

Gatekeepers - people who allow you access to the decision makers

*Slide 5: User Needs - Description of needs met by each page of the storyboard and its functionality

Slide 6: Storyboard - Visual representation of functionalities

Slide 7: “As-Is” v “Possible” State - Visual illustration of your QVP (Quantified Value Proposition)

Slide 8: Define Your Core - What is it that allows you to deliver the benefits your customers value with much greater effectiveness than any other competitor?

Slide 9: Chart your Competitive Position - Provide a graph that shows how well you fulfill your

Persona’s top two priorities versus how well your competition does so.

**If your product has a 2-sided market, please provide a slide for each side for your End User Profile, User Persona, DMU, and User Needs


Please let us know if you have any questions! See you all tomorrow.



Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, and Jayanthi