Day 9: Concept Generation

South Africa Summer 2017 Blog

Written by: Jayanthi Jayakumar

July 6, 2017

Hi Team,

Great job on translating all of your ideas and market research until this point into concepts today. As you may have noticed, we waited 8 days to talk about product design and development. This is so that you all have an opportunity to really understand your customers' needs in an inquiry mode, without any bias, and understand the market dynamics. We hope that the exercises today helped your teams internally align on the top needs for the customers and develop features for your app to address those needs. We also hope that you were able to start putting those features into a storyboard that will serve as your starting point for the final concept.


Please find here the link to the slides from Day 9 that go over the process for concept generation:


A few reminders about today's lessons:

  • 1 slide with a list of customer needs and app features to address those needs due July 6th at midnight
  • 1 slide with a storyboad of your app due July 6th at midnight
  • Over the next few days, test your storyboard with the end-users in your beachhead market and ask for their feedback. As we discussed in class today, the concept stage is one of the easiest and best times to iterate over your design. It will be relatively fast to do it now and will give you confidence that your beachhead market will benefit from your product.
  • For the teams with the two-sided market, please also spend time over the next few days to generate concepts for the other side of your market. 


Thank you!

Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, Jayanthi