Day 6: Beachhead Market Selection

South Africa Summer 2017 Blog

Written by: Erin Golden

June 30, 2017

Hi Team,

Thanks for an exciting, interactive first week!  We really enjoyed getting to know all of you and learning more about your startup ideas.  Use the rest of today and this weekend to focus on your primary market research: get out there and talk to people!  After you have a better understanding of 4-6 top markets that you want to focus on, choose your beachhead m arket based on the discussion we had in class.  Look back on the "Golden Gadgets" activity if you need more help here. 

Here is the link to the slides from Day 6:


We'll be available to help you out this weekend if you get stuck- just shoot us a quick email! 



Nupur, Chinasa, Erin, and Jayanthi