So you have a good idea...

South Africa Summer 2014 Blog

Written by: Bryan Hernandez

June 25, 2014

What is that spark that makes ideas so seductive?  Where does it come from?  To what examples should we look as the source for this common misconception?

It's not about the idea.

It's said again and again, over and over, but still even the most disciplined entrepreneurs fall victim sometimes to the excitement and over-enthusiasm of a good idea that they're just certain will work. 

These are the characteristics of a visionary.  The attitudes of philosophers and scientists.  And they are highly admirable and respectable attributes to have.  But they are seductive, too.  And as many seductive things are, they lead not always in the direction we know deep down we must go.

This letter is to the scientists, philosophers, dreamers and visionaries among us.  Those who got into this game because of the things it ought to be—not what it is.  That you have decided to learn about the practical side of business economics and startup creation is an encouraging sign not only for our class of men and women but for the future of our civilation at large.

But let me remind you of something you already know.  It's not about the idea.  It's about the result.  Distrust yourself.  Distrust your idea.  Seek learning not proofs on paper.  Look to disprove more rigorously your own hypotheses about what it is the world now needs most than you would try to disprove me had I just told you that there really is NO more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy.