And we're off!

Rwanda Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Christina Riechers

June 27, 2011

Last Friday marked the end of Week 2, and the launch of the project phase of the course! We asked the students to self-identify into the area the felt strongest - programming, business acumen, or communication. After the students divided themselves into the different corners of the room, their fearless instructors tagged them with color-coded stickers. (In case you're curious, our own self-identification put me, Christina in the business corner, Zach in the programming corner, and Will in the communication corner - no big surprises there!). Then we sent them on their way, releasing them from their corners to form complimentary groups of 4, mandating only that each team have at least one person from each strength area. And after 15 minutes of interactions that ranged from looking like coy flirtation tactics to intense bartering, AITI Rwanda 2011 teams were formed!

Only 48 hours later we started our formal team office hours. Weekend team meetings and office hours had begun. Starting last night teams met with us to share their top 3 - 5 business ideas and receive feedback on the business and technical feasibility of their ideas. Having met with 5 of the groups last night, we're excited by the ideas the teams are proposing and their enthusiasm for these businesses that they believe will change how Rwandans engage with each other, with healthcare, the education system, transportation and more.