An Update from Rwanda!

Rwanda Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: William Miraval Morejón

June 22, 2011

Hello from Rwanda!!!! The AITI team is currently in week 2 of the course. Please excuse us for not blogging sooner, but there has been a lot going on here in Rwanda. We are taking on a group of 46 students and have been making ourselves as available as we possibly can. We are progressing well through the Python curriculum (today we went over Data Structures) and we are starting to think of ways to incorporate the upcoming Django curriculum into the course material. The entrepreneurship portion of the course is moving along just fine. Christina really got the group engaged last friday with an exercise called "Design a Wallet". The students made some great creations afterwards (it takes a bit of time to upload pictures or I would). This week we are finishing up with functions and then we want to make sure that we have teams formed so that they are able to meet and discuss potential ideas over the weekend! We are also hoping that we can make it out to Akagera National Park for a Safari this weekend. We'll keep you updated! :)