Written by: Oshani Seneviratne

July 26, 2012

We were invited by the e-Talakayan radio show (the official radio show of the University) to talk about the MIT AITI program yesterday. 

We gave them a brief intro of AITI, the history of the program, success stories, the current status of the program at UP Diliman, the projects the students are working on and information about our finale event on Aug 2nd. We were asked about our opinion about the students here, their entreprenuerial skills, 'exotic' foods we've had, the travels we have done for the past month and a half, and our perception about the Philipiinnes in general. Our hosts Joy and Mario were very lively and fun to talk to! We were also asked about the undergraduate and graduate at MIT, and how it compares to the student life at UP Diliman. If you like to listen to what we told them, check out e-Talakayan episode #39 "MIT AITI". This episdoe is also available on itunes.

Many thanks to e-Talakayan for giving us an opportunity to talk about MIT AITI and MIT! Hope it was fun and educational! :)