Week Six: Final Stages

Peru Summer 2014 Blog

Written by: Natasha Consul

Aug. 14, 2014

Honestly, I had never seen the student entrepreneurs so tired, stressed, happy, and excited all at the same time. Monday, Tuesday, and then Demo Day. On Monday, the groups were all excited to show us their working prototypes. I was excited by the neat features each group could present. YoNecesito had a quick, responsive, notification system working for the client-side and service provider-side applications. Enrutados had a beautiful UI with realtime map drawing based on the start and final destinations. Where's the Party had data for different discos/clubs and events shown cleanly in their mobile application. The groups now just had to focus on how to sell/present their prototypes to investors. On Tuesday, each group gave their Demo Day presentation in front of the class, with great improvement since Friday of last week. Presentations had improved a lot and with more practicing, the groups would be ready for the big day!!!