Week Three Highlights

Peru Summer 2014 Blog

Written by: Natasha Consul

July 29, 2014

This past Friday marked the halfway point of our time in Peru. The student entrepreneurs are well on their way with their project business plans. After finalizing teams, the groups began by creating customer personas. Then, they created use cases for their personas, high level product specifications, quantified value propositions, and ended the week with drafting brochures. The groups were also required to speak with potential customers throughout the week. By the end, some groups had changed their original ideas slightly and most had rewritten aspects of their business plans at least a few times. Despite the tediousness, the students now understand what it takes to create solid business plans and will soon be ready to move on.

During the week, we were lucky to have guest speaker Giancarlo Falconi Capera from Wayra speak to the students about Wayra, a startup accelerator program. Wayra's goal is to provide resources and help to digital startups so that they contribute to local economic growth. Opportunities like this would be good for the student entrepreneurs to keep in mind for after Demo Day, which is exactly 15 days away!