Speed Dating: The Entrepreneur Kind of Dating

Peru Summer 2014 Blog

Written by: Natasha Consul

July 29, 2014

Last week's speed dating activity was quite exciting. The student entrepreneurs arranged themselves in two concentric circles, with each person facing the person they would "speed date." The activity consisted of ten 6-minute rounds: Partner 1 would pitch their business idea for 2 minutes, then Partner 2 would pitch their idea for 2 minutes, then both partners would decide on a score for each other (where both scores have to add to 7 points) for a minute, and then the final minute was to rotate, preparing for the next round. It was a bit difficult to keep up with at first, since the 6 minutes went by faster than expected, but the student entrepreneurs soon got the hang of it and had a great time. After an hour, the students were finally relieved of the intensity and were free to go. From this activity, the 9 class projects were born:

  • Hampton: Marketplace for Micro-consulting
  • TourismApp
  • YoNecesito
  • CarpoolingApp
  • Supérame/Top My Game: Gaming platform for Skills Measurement
  • Súbete Ya
  • Pichanga
  • Where's the Party
  • Healthcare device for Heart attack warnings

More details on each project are posted on Overview page.