Week 4 – Pleasant Suprises and the Dawn of Python.

Nigeria Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Dibia Victor

Aug. 14, 2012

This week was full of several pleasant surprises that are keeping the class gingered and inspired.

The Woman in Engineering

Last week, we promised to give a gift to the first person to independently complete the android calculator lab over the weekend. Given that the students are still on session, taking classes and associated assignments,  extra effort and diligence are required to complete the more demanding AITI labs . Naturally, I was very delighted to see a 90% complete calculator app on Monday – and from a girl, Oluwafunmilola Kesa! Funmi (Year 3, Computer Science) has always shown very high class participation levels, asking intelligent questions as well as diligently completing all the labs.  During one of the classes, we presented Funmi with a branded Google IO Extended white tee :) .  Congratulations, funmi , we strongly believe you will make lasting contributions to field of computer science and engineering! 

Android Ninjas

During the course of this program, I have learned new approaches to android app development from the students and gained experience debugging android errors I never knew existed. From all kind of strange irreproducible behaviors of the eclipse IDE, to layout xml , unexpected runtime app behaviours and external library errors. The challenge has been formidable, but stackoverflow has been our friend :) . I can also say the students have learned a lot too. Towards the end of this week, I began to witness an interesting trend in most of the groups. With each passing day, they all had something new to show me! A new screen added to their app, a simplification of function, tales of overnight victorious code battles :) ,  success with university business plan contests etc. This is really inspiring and shows that the students are building a skill vital necessary for success as tech Entrepreneurs – Independent research driven learning.  

Python things

On the technical side of this week’s work, Bolu handled a couple of classes on introduction to the distinct ways of the python programming language.  We used python 2.7.3 installation on windows and followed out usual model of lectures and in-class lab exercises. We are setting the stage for next weeks work with the django python framework for rapid web application development.