Week 3 - Everything Android.

Nigeria Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Dibia Victor

Aug. 20, 2012

Week 3 has been a bit of a blur, moving very very fast! This is partly because we have actually began some heavy lifting in android – learning all about widgets, activities, services, intents and debugging . In learning about android application development, one of the early challenges is getting a hang of the proper widgets and layout views to employ in crafting your user interface in accordance with your conceptualized wireframes.  Another slippery area is the sleek art of debugging runtime android application errors (basically done by inspecting Logcat and identifying the erring line of code). 

While covering the relevant documentation gives great pointers on the above problems, the real skill is built through practice. Each team have worked hard in building the first screens of their applications on the minimum and some have actually built ALL their screens from their initial wireframes! Congrats guys! Overall, the class has been more vocal with people asking deep and interesting questions that demonstrate their growing understanding of android!  

Working on some student Wireframes

Working with a group to hash out some initial wireframes

The Wennovation Touch

Wole from Wennovation Hub came around this week to enlighten the students on the  innovations in the  Nigerian tech space and more importantly how Wennovation worked with a couple of groups from last year’s AITI Program in refining their products and forming a healthy startup . Wole also took time to listen to each teams ideas, carefully discussing each and providing critical feedback to the teams. Thanks Wole, we are most appreciative of your time!   


IEEE University of Lagos Student Branch Meetup

This week, I was kindly invited by one of the students (Busayo Longe), to speak at their IEEE student professional awareness conference. I was really delighted by this, and immediately accepted. Busayo is the current IEEE University of Lagos Student Branch Chairman, and given that the branch has been inactive for about 4 whole years before Busayo came along, I deeply salute his teams efforts in kickstarting the student branch activities once again! The process of clearly communicating value proposition and generating interest/signups for ones idea is a key test of true leadership. As IEEE Unilag SB executives , Busayo and his team have the daunting task of clearing conveying the intrinsic value of IEEE to students and reasons why they should pay for student membership. This was the main goal of the student conference and the title was “Starting your professional  career with IEEE”. 

Given I was once the Vice Chair of and IEEE student branch during my undergraduate studies, I could relate to both the magnitude of the Busayo’s task, and the struggle to see any perceived value from the students point of view.  Interestingly, a large amount of value obtained from being an IEEE member becomes more evident after graduating from college! In my 15 minute talk (amidst projector glitches), I shared a bit on my background, my experience with IEEE and the different ways it has contributed to my academic and professional career.  With IEEE back then, I had the opportunity of attending national conferences, building my professional network, building skills in leadership, working with a team, presenting my first technical paper, and handling tutorial sessions. Though I did not realize at the time, this was a lot and formed the bedrock of guiding principles I work with today! Active IEEE membership is also a testament of academic/professional passion and I believe it significantly contributed to my successful MSc application and subsequent scholarship. 

At the end of the event, after fielding some questions here and there , about 7 people committed to paying the membership fee and signing up for IEEE. Yay! I am thankful to the IEEE Unilag student branch for having me, and I look forward to seeing them grow and achieve more things.


Thank you Unilag.

At this point I would like to express our deep gratitude to the University of Lagos Administration for all the support we have received thus far. This week, we had a couple of brief setbacks – projector issues (broken VGA cable) , air conditioning and even lab availability. But during each of these, they have coporated by closely working with us such that we never had any significant downtime.