Nigeria Summer 2011 Blog

University of Ibadan
June 20, 2011 to Aug. 1, 2011

End of Week 2

Olayemi Oyebode

June 30, 2011

Today, we had our first guest lecturer: Uche Ubah. Uche works at a local health-focused ICT firm named Cistematix and spoke about the mobile application industry. He gave the students a good overview and introduction about the mobile app industry on the global level and then zeroed in on the Nigerian market. The session was definitely interactive and the students asked very good questions and also contributed answers. I would say that the main lesson for the students was that they should be delivering applications that makes sense considering their local environment (technology, people's propensity to pay). 

Also, I finished teaching Java. I am delighted Next week, Adaeze takes over and will teach the students Python. Then, I will return to teach as the class focus switch to mobile programming. As much as I'll miss teaching, I'm glad to have a break. I'll have a chance to reflect. I am delighted to have been able to teach the students about so many topics: objects, classes, inheritance, interface, static fields. I want to also think about my teaching effectiveness based on the feedback from my colleagues and students. 

After my lecture, we gave the students scotch eggs and meat pies. 


Never judge a book by its cover, but judge a programmer by his/her T-shirt. 

I've travelled to Tanzania and Uganda to help teach students there for other programs. I always noticed, especially in Tanzania, that many students preferred to wear dress shirts and trousers (dress pants) to class. At MIT, it's a rare sight. Instead, students will often wear T-shirts with a tech company logo and jeans/shorts. And for students in Computer Science at MIT, it's probably a free T-shirt they got from Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Facebook, Apple, etc. 

On the first day of MIT AITI Nigeria, I immediately noticed a few students wearing Google T-shirts. Based on the T-shirts alone, I deduced that our students must be serious programmers. I have not been disappointed. Several of our students are part of the Google team at University of Ibadan, so several students have Google T-shirts. I hope in the next iterations of the program, I'll see more students clad in other company T-shirts such as Apple, Facebook and maybe even Dropbox. 


Settling in

Adaeze Ezeh

June 30, 2011


After arrriving early at the University of Ibadan (UI) campus, we headed to the Computer Science (CS) department and were warmly received. We were taken to the Links Building where we'll be staying for the next six weeks and then went back to CS Department to meet all the Professors and Lecturers and to get to know them. We had a great time chatting about a number of topics ranging from their work at UI to the future of education in Nigeria. We also met the Head of the CS department. Since then, we've been settling down, getting used to the campus and preparing for Monday, the first day of classes. I'm looking forward to Monday! 

Meeting with Google

Olayemi Oyebode

June 30, 2011

Today (Friday - June 29), the entire AITI Nigeria team and Google's student ambassador at the University of Ibadan made a day trip to Google's Nigeria office in Ikoyi, Lagos. We wanted to introduce ourselves to the team and also see if they could help us with some of the challenges we are currently facing. 

Due to the traffic, which was only compounded by the inclement weather (it is the rainy season in Nigeria), we arrived at the Google office a few hours later than expected. Despite that, it was still a productive meeting. During the meeting, we met with the Business Analyst, whom we had been conversing with for several weeks; their country marketing manager; and the head of their office. 

The Google Nigeria office itself is small and has only four people, but they are rapidly trying to expand. It's nice and cozy. And obviously, no trip to Google would be complete without leaving with some Google swag. I left with two Google Nigeria t-shirts and two flashing google pins.

Ada inspired

Adesoji Awe

June 29, 2011

Day 3 at the gym and it finally feels great! So the first 2 days the gym did not turn on the generator so I was sweating profusely and running through bottles of water like it was going out of fashion. I show up today and to my surprise the generator is on J

Tomorrow we have our first guest speaker from Cistematix Limited. I’m excited; hope the students enjoy the talk. Now Ada has me craving meat pie....

And so week 2 begins...

Adesoji Awe

June 28, 2011

2nd week of the program and things are starting to fall in place. We made the final student selection (about 30 students) this morning and assigned them to groups. We also had a practice session of idea generation and it was great to hear the quality of ideas coming from the students. 

For me no post is complete without mentioning food. My colleagues and I went out again tonight for shawarma. I think we are officially hooked.  Later we’ll explore another joint for catfish pepper soup. I still need to find places where I can get quality ogbono and banga soup.

Daily Rain and Meat-pie cravings!

Adaeze Ezeh

June 26, 2011

It's rained everyday for the past three days and as a result I've been unable to got out on my daily walk around the campus. Today, we went to check out the church on campus called "Chapel of Resurrection". It felt so good hearing the Nigerian praise songs and the traditional drums- I haven't heard those in a while. We got back from church at 12:30 and ate lunch. Unfortunately, the power supply went out and has been on and off since then.

I worked on my lectures for the week and took a nap.

I've been thinking about meat pies. They are these very delicious pies filled with meat and a few vegetables. They are absolutely delicious but for some reason they are not sold in the US. Jamaican patties taste a little like them but are not quite the same. I had planned to eat a fair share of meat pies this summer in Nigeria. Today, they seem to be on my mind and I'm trying to get my collegues to go get some meat-pies with me. 


One Week into our Program

Adaeze Ezeh

June 23, 2011

We are one week into our program and it feels great. Based on the average performance of the students on the assessment test, we reorganized our cirriculum to fit their needs so it's been a busy week. Anyway outside of class we've had a nice time exploring the campus. UI is very large and even though I take a walk every evening, I've not come close to seeing half of the campus area.  

At the moment, we are trying to speed up our internet access so we can work more efficiently. I'll also be able to upload a few photos.