Android and Fashionistas

Nigeria Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Olayemi Oyebode

July 3, 2011

Today (Wednesday, June 29), I learned two students are participating in a Google contest for sub-Saharan African programmers. Diji Adeyemo (proclaimed as "controversially the best programmer at UI") is developing a music player app while Ibrahim Abiola ("arguably the best programmer at UI") is submitting a note taking app with capability to send notes via SMS. As an Android user, I've been disappointed by the lack of good music player apps on Android, so I'm looking forward to Diji's final polished version. I'm fond of task apps on the Android platform and my current favorite is GTasks because it synchronizes with Google Tasks and has a good widget, so I'm intrigued by Ibrahim's app also.


It looks like my colleagues are vying for the position of food critic at the fictional Times of Ibadan. I've decided to become the fashion blogger for the program.

Last week, the three of us went to a market and bought material that would be used for our traditional outfits. Soji requested three outfits, Ada got four outfits and I settled for two outfits. Today, the tailor for Soji and I finished. Tomorrow, Adaeze should be getting her outfits. Hopefully, we can all do a fashion show with our outfits tomorrow. I'll be covering from the red carpet if that happens.

Diji Adeyemo's music player Android appIbrahim Abiola's note taking app called Noting