Daily Rain and Meat-pie cravings!

Nigeria Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Adaeze Ezeh

June 26, 2011

It's rained everyday for the past three days and as a result I've been unable to got out on my daily walk around the campus. Today, we went to check out the church on campus called "Chapel of Resurrection". It felt so good hearing the Nigerian praise songs and the traditional drums- I haven't heard those in a while. We got back from church at 12:30 and ate lunch. Unfortunately, the power supply went out and has been on and off since then.

I worked on my lectures for the week and took a nap.

I've been thinking about meat pies. They are these very delicious pies filled with meat and a few vegetables. They are absolutely delicious but for some reason they are not sold in the US. Jamaican patties taste a little like them but are not quite the same. I had planned to eat a fair share of meat pies this summer in Nigeria. Today, they seem to be on my mind and I'm trying to get my collegues to go get some meat-pies with me.