Meeting with Google

Nigeria Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Olayemi Oyebode

June 30, 2011

Today (Friday - June 29), the entire AITI Nigeria team and Google's student ambassador at the University of Ibadan made a day trip to Google's Nigeria office in Ikoyi, Lagos. We wanted to introduce ourselves to the team and also see if they could help us with some of the challenges we are currently facing. 

Due to the traffic, which was only compounded by the inclement weather (it is the rainy season in Nigeria), we arrived at the Google office a few hours later than expected. Despite that, it was still a productive meeting. During the meeting, we met with the Business Analyst, whom we had been conversing with for several weeks; their country marketing manager; and the head of their office. 

The Google Nigeria office itself is small and has only four people, but they are rapidly trying to expand. It's nice and cozy. And obviously, no trip to Google would be complete without leaving with some Google swag. I left with two Google Nigeria t-shirts and two flashing google pins.