Nigeria Summer 2011 Blog

University of Ibadan
June 20, 2011 to Aug. 1, 2011

Real-life entrepreneurs

Olayemi Oyebode

Nov. 16, 2011

For four of our students, the lessons, lectures and experiences from our program will forever their lives and affect their future aspirations. The four students - Ibrahim Abiola, Rabiu Adetayo, Dara Adeyemo and Diji Adeyemo (no relation) -  are currently incubating a startup with one of our participating companies for our program, Wennovation Hub. Their startup is called Opacus Tech. View their blog to learn more.

We wish them luck and will eagerly follow their developments.


One Day Left!

Adaeze Ezeh

July 31, 2011


Wow. It's been a while since I blogged. These past few weeks have been full of events that showed significant growth in the students unnderstanding. 

One event was the passing away of one of our students- Olapeju Famakinwa. She was am amazing student; not afraid to ask questions in class and was always a very active participant in class activities. I pray her soul rests in peace. Amen.


Project Showcase Competition

The final project showcase competiotion is tomorrow. Yemi and I met with the students yesterday and today to ensure, their apps were working fine and their presentations were good enough for tomorrow. I must say that I am impressed with the apps that our students have created and their practicality. Investors- you definitely want to invest in these!

I am looking forward to tomorrow!


Fish Pepper-soup!

Well, we had planned on having fish pepper-soup on one of the many nights in Ibadan but it has not yet happened. That is going on my to-do list. I really hope we have some.

Almost Over

Olayemi Oyebode

July 28, 2011

After six weeks of lectures, labs and meetings, the inaugural year of the AITI Nigeria program has nearly concluded. Our final day of AITI Nigeria 2011 will be our final showcase on Monday, August 1. 

Ahead of that showcase, the students did a dress rehearsal in front of the instructors and their fellow classmates. The goals of the dress rehearsal were to get them accustomed to the format for the showcase and to provide them feedback on what to improve. 

Today, five of the six teams delivered their presentations. I was impressed by each team, especially those presenters whose enthusiasm about their application easily were evident. With the feedback and questions from the instructors and colleagues, I expect that each team will deliver even more impressive presentations for the showcase. 


Last week, one of our students - Olapeju Afolake Famakinwa - passed away. As one of the vocal students in our class, her presence was always felt.  The instructors were accustomed to her asking questions, contributing opinions and asking after our welfare. She also engaged the guest lecturers we brought in. She will be deeply missed. 

Keeps getting better

Adesoji Awe

July 14, 2011

Wow 3 + weeks into the program and its only getting better! Student ideas are riveting, drafts of their business plans are in, the speakers are exciting and the students are engaging them. If this were business school all the students would all get full participation credit J

Last week we had Encipher come in to tell the story of how they started and lessons learned along the way…..fascinating stuff! I like the Inye.

Yesterday Lofty Inc. introduced their Weenovation hub concept and helped put things in context by discussing a variety of topics including IP and government bureaucracy as it relates to entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Indeed a must know for all tech startups.  

Today we are delighted to welcome Aurum Valley (founder is an MIT Sloan Alum) to continue the momentum.  

Suya, shawarma, beverages and Nija music with colleagues and friends makes for a fun evening J  

What a day...

Adaeze Ezeh

July 6, 2011

For some reason, I did not feel like having any breakfast yesterday morning. I figured my body needed time to adjust to the regular breakfasts I'd been having for the past two weeks. Usually at MIT, I'd get out of bed, take a shower and then head of to lectures. Breakfast and Lunch are usually not that important as long as I have a cup of coffee. I planned on running a few errands during the hour and half break we usually have between Lectures and Labs time. Unfortunately, the time coincided with lunch time :-/ I figured I'd head out quickly and maybe grab some juice on my way back but things did not go as planned!

First, it was really hot and I had decided to wear a long sleeved shirt yesterday- wrong choice! Then, my ATM card would not work at any other bank's ATM but my bank so I spent some time looking for one. By the end of the break, I was just returning back to UI so I had to head straight to the CS lab. 


The lab session ended at 4:00pm. By then, I was hungry and craving Mr Bigg's Meatpies and jollof Rice. It looked like it was going to rain soon but I was determined to get what I wanted. Yemi decided to come with me so we took a cab to UI's gate. As soon as we arrived, it started raining heavily. We had to stand underneath one of those umbrellas people use to sell phone recharge cards with about four other people. I had changed into something light so it wasn't long before half of me was soaking wet. After about 20 minutes, the rain stopped and we went to eat. I got my meat pie and jollof rice while Yemi got his moi-moi and meat-pie. 

By the end of yesterday, I was so tired, I went to bed before mid-night. What a day!


NEPA's timing

Olayemi Oyebode

July 5, 2011

During my early years in Nigeria, "NEPA ti mu ina" (Yoruba for "NEPA has taken light/power") was a common phrase in my house. NEPA is the organisation in Nigeria that governs the use of electricity. NEPA stood for National Electric Power Authority, but most Nigerians contend it stands for Never Expect Power Always. They decided to change their name to PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria or Please Hold Candle Now), but most still know them as NEPA.

Anyways, I decided to sit down and watch my first tennis match since the days of Sampras. It was the men's Wimbledon final between Djokovic and Nadal. I was rooting for Djokovic to win. So it's Championship point, Djokovic is bouncing the ball and about to serve. THEN, POWER GOES OUT. I have never seen such awful timing. 


Android and Fashionistas

Olayemi Oyebode

July 3, 2011

Today (Wednesday, June 29), I learned two students are participating in a Google contest for sub-Saharan African programmers. Diji Adeyemo (proclaimed as "controversially the best programmer at UI") is developing a music player app while Ibrahim Abiola ("arguably the best programmer at UI") is submitting a note taking app with capability to send notes via SMS. As an Android user, I've been disappointed by the lack of good music player apps on Android, so I'm looking forward to Diji's final polished version. I'm fond of task apps on the Android platform and my current favorite is GTasks because it synchronizes with Google Tasks and has a good widget, so I'm intrigued by Ibrahim's app also.


It looks like my colleagues are vying for the position of food critic at the fictional Times of Ibadan. I've decided to become the fashion blogger for the program.

Last week, the three of us went to a market and bought material that would be used for our traditional outfits. Soji requested three outfits, Ada got four outfits and I settled for two outfits. Today, the tailor for Soji and I finished. Tomorrow, Adaeze should be getting her outfits. Hopefully, we can all do a fashion show with our outfits tomorrow. I'll be covering from the red carpet if that happens.

Diji Adeyemo's music player Android appIbrahim Abiola's note taking app called Noting