Mexico Summer 2014 Blog

Universidad Anáhuac Xalapa
June 25, 2014 to Aug. 1, 2014

Teams Formed and Android Work

Zachary Hulcher

July 2, 2014

This week has gone by quite well so far. With Django done, the teams have moved forward to working with Android. Over the past few days, culminating in today, the entrepreneurs have speed-dated, gotten to know each other, and formed preliminary teams for the summer. Some of my personal favorite parts of the week so far included the marshmallow challenge, and some good basketball and football after class.

Week of forming teams

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

June 30, 2014

2nd week started off with great expectations. We will be forming the groups for the projects/businesses. Today we talked about the importance of strategic choices as choosing your co-founders, team, technology, and market. We also review all technological megatrends in the world. MIT style lots of numbers aout markets today.

Small Opening Remark

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

June 26, 2014

Press articles about it:

Great Opening day at the Lab. The local partners iLab and Universidad Anahuac did a fantastic job setting a press conference. The entrepreneurs team is well diverse, with people coming from different backgrounds and several profiles. we have 41 participants. Overall a very promising start!

Hacking online learning

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

June 26, 2014

As part of the IDEATION activity, the entrepreneurs spent the morning thinking way to hack the on-line learning world. We heard about simulator for cooking learning, platforms for innovation and entrepreneurs, kids learning as the play, learning to people with special needs, retired people wanting to learn languages, and many other great ideas.