Mexico Summer 2014 Blog

Universidad Anáhuac Xalapa
June 25, 2014 to Aug. 1, 2014

Demo Day and good bye!

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

Aug. 3, 2014

Demo day done! it was a big success. We had local and regional press coverage! All the teams performed very well; we heard compelling pitches! the jury was impressed and it was diffciult to agree on the top 3 places!

After demo day with the public, we had a final feedback session with the group. it was very rewarding to listen to their final remarks about these exciting past 6 weeks!

For now, I just good bye and see you perhaps in another Lab somewhere else!



Demo Day Prep and DF <> Xalapa GSL Connections

Hector Beltran

July 24, 2014

With less than one week left before Demo Day, the teams received guidelines and tips for final prep from the team of instructors.

Raúl Contreras, distinguished team leader from last year's program in Mexico City, talked to the class, laying out realistic expectations for what's to come over the next year. Raúl provided useful anecdotes from his experience interacting with varied accelerator/incubator programs in Mexico and international investors.

Mexican Angel Investor and Negotiation

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

July 21, 2014

Great session with Mexican VC and Angel Investor Antonio Osio. he gave us insgihts about the state of the art in the country, and how to grab attention from a VC. Also, when t say to a deal with an Investor! some opinions:


In addition, we have a fantastic session on Negotiation. Concepts as Distrbuitive and Integrative BArgaining were introduce. we also analysed the great movie 12 Angry Men and the Henry Fonda (Davies) as the master of persuasion! we are heading towards the week 5, just 10 days to Demo DAY!!!

Business Plan and the California Dream

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

July 18, 2014

We have started the business plan wirtting. Altought, our methodolgy goes towards the LEAN Startup side. We do recognize the importance for VC about the document. This will be one of the deliverables for the entrepreneurs at demo day.

Today also we got the chance to talk with Hiroshi. He is a mexican Entrepreneur in Sillicon Valley. He talked about his experience in California and the tools he is using to launch/finance his hardware venture.

Opnions here:


First milestone winners and Californian Speaker

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

July 18, 2014

Today in the morning we annoucced the winner of the best prototype so far! Congratulations to team MAKE LEARNING!! gotta say that all the teams are doing a good job, and we are seeing a nice progression.


also, we receive a dosis of US VC reality in our talk with Angelika B. great speaker about the practices and expectations in the MECA of Startups California! check some reactions:


Half time and another great Speaker

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

July 15, 2014

We have arrived to the middle point of our Lab. from now on is all about speed and market validation. all projects are setand teams are woring on!  Today also we had a great speaker Edgar Matamoros, MD and founder of the succesful tech mexican company Capa 4. Edgar reminded us of te importance of being creative and listen to the market! some reactions from our participats:


Road to sucess in Mexico

Diego Mendez Canon @diegomenca #mitgslmexico

July 9, 2014

David Trevino CTO from CITI Value, mexican entrepreneur! gave us an excellent example and inspiration. He talked about his pains and glories as entrepreneur in this ecosystem. Also he shared his view on the current landscape of opportunities! Our partricipants were very engaged andasked lots of questions!