Malaysia Summer 2015 Blog

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
June 29, 2015 to Aug. 14, 2015

Message from Yew Jie

Ammar El Seed

Sept. 23, 2015


The pre-Demo Day was one of the most enjoyable days during this 6-week-course, we were so excited of the venue we will be pitching - cameras, light, the ambience at MAGIC. We practiced our pitch a couple of times just to get ourselves used to the environment, tested our MVP a hundred thousand of times, just to make sure it will be functioning well. What I find it interesting and funny is, we were able to memorize, to some extent, of other's group pitches because we have probably heard it too many times!

The Demo Day itself was a eye-opener. It was cool but challenging, at some point. The Demo Day was cool because you can finally have your MVP ready to pitch to your audience, telling them how your product is going to help people solve their problem. It was challenging at the same time because you need to be ready to answer questions, really challenging from the investors!

Getting up on stage and speak was my highlight of the day. All theses while I have only done presentations in front of my lecturers and friends, but pitching in front investors, ministers from the Ministry of Education, executives from MDEC definitely raised some pressure. Fortunately, with the practice and guidance from our instructors, things happened smoothly.

It is not about who is winning or who is losing in the end of the Demo Day. At least, we were a big step better than who we are before. We were all happy at the end of the day, everyone was congratulating each other, chilling and exchanging thoughts. It's also when the environment get emotional since the program has finally came to an end, which means, all of us will be moving on our separate ways.

It was really a pleasure meeting the instructors from MIT - Perihan, Anmar and Daniel. Besides gaining knowledge from both entrepreneur and technical field, they thought me something more valuable, that is to leave your comfort zone and sees challenges as a chance to learn and grow! They were patient, courteous and professional when helping to solve our problem. They get all of the people involved in discussion and provided a safe environment, where, we are allowed to make mistakes. More importantly, they taught us to learn from the mistakes we made.

That team-building day serves as a good example to see how you work with new people. Are you going to trust them? How are you going to communicate with them? How are you going to work with them? It's a great thing to see all these questions answered in the end of the day with some well-planned team building activities.

I have never been properly introduced to startups prior to this. MVP? ARPU? COCA? Django? Flaskr? Like Perihan, Anmar and Daniel always like to ask, 'Is it make sense?' Yes, definitely this time!

I would sincerely thank everyone in making MITGSL-2015 a big success. Regards,
Yew Jie 

Message from Elvira Ariaputra

Ammar El Seed

Sept. 23, 2015

It's been a great experience with MITGSL 2015. At first, there were doubts of how this program goes but I'm glad I've completed it. I went with an empty cup, and now the cup is filled with knowledge specially on entrepreneurship and technical aspects shared by MIT instructors. Another thing I love about this program is that everyone who are involved; participants, facilitators, instructors, guests speakers are now one bunch of awesome great friends to me. Knowledge, self-reflection, friends, experience and memorable moments are what I got from MITGSL 2015; definitely no regrets on spending nearly two months of semester break for this. #aspiredtobuildstartup #goforit


Describe what you felt about Demo Day. How did Demo Day feel before, during and after? 

Demo Day was awesome because we get different kinds of feedbacks and supports from the people that came for the Demo Day. At first, before the Demo Day, we felt like we were equipped and ready to present what we got, but during the Demo Day, we realise that many people have future plannings and advice for the project that we work on which some of it are in our visions. From the demo day also, we met another startup that share the same visions as us and currently we are discussing on how both of our startup could collaborate to achieve the same goal. 


Describe the way the instructors have helped you. Talk about challenges you were able to overcome.

I'm in the IT background but I am still new about the technical skills that being taught in class; Python and Java for mobile applications and definitely very new in the entrepreneur track. There were times that it was tough to catch up and understand the materials and terms, but the instructors were patient to answer all the doubts and explain them very clearly till i can see how it functions and how the implementation of it in real-time situations. 


What lessons did you take away from the GSL experience that you can apply elsewhere?


The most valuable lesson that I get from GSL experiences and apply the lesson would be that I learn on how to think differently from what I used to. I feel more motivated to venture into starting my own startups. I really appreciate that my instructors are always very generous to share their experiences and knowledge. And I would share my knowledge and GSL experiences with my colleagues and highly encourage them to join MIT-GSL. 

Message from Tan Ru Dei (Luther)

Ammar El Seed

Sept. 23, 2015

How did Demo Day feel before, during and after?

This is my great honour to participate in this MIT GSL 2015 Malaysia, from this workshop I get to know of new people that are from different local universities and foreign countries. Before Demo day, a group of 5 members (including me) were struggling in developing website and mobile app-CinCaiLah. I felt stressful because I was doing the website by programming which was the very first time in my life. Luckily, my teammates and friends were helping me along the way and we actually having fun throughout the class and enjoy doing work together at night. Together with my friends, I hoped that I can finish my task before the coming demo day. During the Demo day, my friend and I managed to finish the website. It was great that we were able to present it to all people at the booth in Magic. Even though we lost the competition but I felt that I was doing the best for my part and gained lots of experience from this workshop.  After Demo day, I missed all the moments in this workshop.

The days when we are going to attend classes…

the days when we are having breakfast, lunch...

the days when we are going for visit...

the days when we are going to have fun...

and the days when we are going to leave after demo day...

those days together with our beloved MIT Mentors (Peri^^,Ammar^^ & Dan^^) and a branch of monkeys (studentsXD). It was a great spending holidays in my life, I really appreciate it!


Describe the way the instructors have helped you. Talk about challenges you were able to overcome.

MIT instructors have always been very generous with their knowledge, and very helpful in teaching, guiding and advising me. They taught me from nothing to become a better man than yesterday. They inspired me to do more, learn more, gain more and become more. Apart from the classes, they made a face to face interview for us in order to know more about us throughout the workshop, because they were really taking good care and treat us like their family members. Moreover, the biggest challenge that I have faced is I had no much knowledge in programming and business as compare to other students because I was the youngest in the class. But, Peri did comfort me not to look down at myself and be confident, and again she impress me to look forward and be myself.


What lessons did you take away from the GSL experience that you can apply elsewhere?

From this workshop, what I gain the most is the programming skills which taught by Ammar and Dan. In the classes, I’m able to expand my horizon in programming field as they taught us lots of programming languages, such as Python, Java and C#. I feel very grateful that I will able to apply it in my study as well as in developing mobile application in the future. Thank you very much!