Exploring Nairobi

Kenya Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Maksim Kolysh

June 19, 2011

Yesterday, for the first time in two weeks, we decided to act like tourists and actually get to know the streets of Nairobi outside of Mimosa Court. Our first stop was the Nairobi National Museum, one of the largest collections of East African artifacts in Kenya. Although the building complex wasn't especially large, it was jam-packed with exhibits of local birds, animals, and African artifacts (not to mention the school tour groups). I was personally surprised by my inability to distinguish hawks from owls. That being said, the tour was an educational experience.

Next, we went to the nearby Snake Museum, which was more of a reptile zoo. The main attraction was a snake pit teeming with snakes, lizards, and the more docile tortoises. We were lucky enough to witness a feeding, and therefore the combat, intimidation, and other activities that resulted. Oshani captured it on tape: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llpIVrQkk2s (notice Brian practicing for his audtion for a commentator role at the museum). 

Last on our schedule was Carnivore, a Brazillian barbeque-esqe restaurant that, with a 2500KSH ($30) price per person, sounded promising. After a first course of soup, a required stomach filler, they started bringing around the good stuff: pork ribs, beef steak, lamb, ostrich meatballs, and crocodile, to name a few (unfortunately, they didn't have camel that day). After multiple rounds of meats, along with their signature sauces, we put down our centerpiece flag as a sign of surrender. It wasn't over though -- the desserts they brought out were too appealing to pass up. We also witnessed two birthday celebrations, with the entire staff of the restaurant singing the original "Hakuna Matata". We were very satisfied with the service and food, and were full for the rest of the evening.