Day 2: Peer Pitches

India Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Bryan Drake

July 4, 2012

Today we ran five rounds of peer pitching and then peer scoring afterwards. Everyone was really enthused to pitch their ideas to each other and people really haggled hard to get the scores they wanted. Here’s an explanation of the format we used:

        Each side will have two minutes to talk. There will then be one minute to divide the points and find a new partner.

       Scoring: Between the two of you must split seven points, this means that one person may take all seven,  one person may take four and the other three, or any combination that adds to seven. If you cannot agree both people take zero points, there are no half points! You cannot split seven into 3.5 and 3.5!

       The top 15 entrepreneurs will pitch to the class and we’ll form teams from that.


We had some great pitches come out. You can see video of all of them ( except one that I missed) here:


The peer pitching was a bit difficult, mostly in trying to get people to stay on time. I was harshly introduced to the idea of India Standard Time and had to explain that, even though I like being a bit relaxed, it just doesn’t work outside of India. I think some entrepreneurs learned that the hard way. Overall though, everyone enjoyed having to sell their idea to their peers!


It was great to see what ideas people have and how teams are starting to shape up. The next step is finding our first customers and testing the market a bit with our products.