Day 1: Off to a Great Start

India Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Bryan Drake

July 3, 2012

We had our first class today and people came prepared with great ideas. I think we’re all very impressed each of the entrepreneurs and everything that they bring to the table. It was great to see all of those seats filled with people eager to start their business. Also, I officially gave everyone the title of start-up CEO and made them responsible for their own destinies – I figure that ought to do it.

We talked about a lot of different ways to start businesses ( good and bad), saw examples of elevator pitches ( good and bad ) and even had two people in the class come up and pitch their ideas ( both good!). I think that people are still getting ready to pitch tomorrow, but I’m excited to hear even more of their specific ideas.

At the end of class we took a few minutes to brainstorm ideas for tomorrow by breaking into topic groups. The topics our CEOs came up with were :

  • Healthcare
  • GPS
  • Comics
  • Fashion Transportation
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Personal Banking ( micro-banking)
  • Restaurant Service Industry

A pretty impressive list!

Later on, Ian took the stage and gave an overview of Android and branching in general. I think both of lecturers did a great job today, and I hope that everyone’s looking forward to starting to find their teams tomorrow.