Day 0: Preparations and Some Sight-Seeing

India Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Bryan Drake

July 1, 2012

It’s the day before our first class and I’m happy to report that everyone on the team is accounted for! We spent the weekend meeting with the team at IIT hammering out all remaining logistics and prepping for classes in the upcoming week.  Everyone was enthusiastic and anticipating a great six weeks ahead.


Everyone says it, but I have to repeat, that the IIT Bombay campus is beautiful. The campus is maintained like a park and it seems that every window has a view out over Powai Lake.


We’re all ready to meet the entrepreneurs that are here on campus. I’m hoping that what we have planned for tomorrow meets their expectations and that they come up with some pretty great ideas for what they’d like to do. Getting ready for this class I came to realize that so much of what the students learn comes not from us, as instructors, but from their successful ( and some not as successful )  moments – experiential learning at its best!


Can’t wait to get it started!