The Dress Rehearsal

India Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Ian Jacobi

Aug. 8, 2012

One day away from the finale of the AITI India program, and it's amazing to see how far these teams have come!  Tonight, we had our "dress rehearsal" for the pitch contest to be held tomorrow night, which meant that we got to see all the teams pitch their (more or less) final presentations.  Although we had a Pitch Lab last Sunday, these presentations have come a long way since even then, and I'm impressed by their quality and content. Practically all of the teams have some sort of mockup of their app, and a good number actually have a working demo (on a real device no less!), although the time constraints of the pitches prevent them from really showing them off.

The presentations themselves are pretty good as well. The teams have really taken the feedback Bryan and the class has given them and used it to build some decent presentations. I think more than one of our teams stands a shot at the grand prize tomorrow if their pitches go well.

Anyway, at today's dress rehearsal, I spent most of my time running around taking pictures of the groups, so I'll finish up with a few choice ones.