Customer care, code, and gratitude

Ghana Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Alessondra Springmann

July 30, 2012

Final demos are on Thursday; products will be ready tomorrow evening so we can spend Wednesday debugging and preparing presentations.  This morning, Michael of Kuzima (which means speak) came by and delivered a great talk on how to take care of your customers to keep them coming back.  I'm a passionate believer in good customer service and care.  What can you do to delight your customers?  It's easy here, as a lot of service providers don't value keeping customers happy, so being the one providing exceptional customer care can set you out from your competition quite easily.

Here's a group shot of everyone in front of the Balme Library, one of the main landmarks on campus.  Notice LiAn sporting her Google+ shirt!


And a team photo! More are here.


As we wrap up life in Ghana, there are a few folks we'd like to thank publically: our hosts at the University of Ghana, Legon, Drs. Robert Sowah and Godfrey Mills; our hosts at Google Ghana, Matti Donkor, Nana Amoah, and Estelle Akofio-Sowah; our students; our daily taxi driver Edward; the staff at our apartment complex, especially Stephen and Nana Ama. We'd also like to thank our favorite chop bar in Adjingano, a fried chicken and rice stand known as "Don Chicky".  It's been a source of sustenance for us, conveniently located on the main road a five-minute walk from our home.  After a long day of debugging labs, nothing gets the team excited like the prospect of cheap and quick "special rice" and chicken in a green building by Adjingano's tro-tro station.

Don Chicky