Ghana Summer 2011 Blog

University of Ghana, Legon
June 6, 2011 to July 15, 2011


Racheal Chimbghandah

June 3, 2011

"Akwaaba" means welcome in the local dialect.  On May 31st, the first two AITI instructors arrived in Accra. We found a representative from the University of Ghana Legon waiting for us to at the airport, and he took us to our new home for the next six weeks.  Our house is in East Legon, an up and coming neighbourhood 5km from the University.  We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at our new home.  The house is BEAUTIFUL:  it's very spacious and tastefully decorated.  Most of all it's clean and air-conditioned!  We also each have our own bathroom, a definite plus!  This will surely make our stay here very comfortatble.

On June 1st, Austin and I (Racheal) went to visit the campus.  The University of Ghana Legon's campus is very big, way bigger than MIT, and we got lost for about 45minutes, as we were trying to locate Professor Mill's office.  We finally met Professor Godfrey Mills, the head of Computer Engineering, and he introduced us to several people within the department, as well as ICT. The computer labs are state-of the art for a developing country, we were very impressed.  We have a computer lab dedicated to AITI for the entire duration of the course. 

Chase arrived on June 2 and we welcomed him to the house.  We then went out to dinner with Josh, from the ICT center, who has been showing us around.  On Friday June 3rd, the tech team began installing the software on the computers.  More details to follow on how this process went, but by 7pm, we had 80% of the computers set up.  The rest will be set up before class begins.

Class begins on Monday June 6th, and we are ready to go!