You've never been there?

Ghana Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Racheal Chimbghandah

July 6, 2011

My taxi experiences in Ghana deserve their own blog post.  Ghana has more taxis than any other African country I've been to, I honestly think that the density of taxis is comparable to that of New York City.  It is so easy to get a taxi, getting to your destination however, is another story.  On one of the days during my first week I hopped on a taxi to go to Google's offices.  I had an address to the place and told the taxi driver where I was going, and he asked me to get in.  After driving for an hour, he turned around and said "Miss please where is the place?"  I didn't know whether he was serious so I proceeded to tell him that my destination hadn't changed, I was still going to the address I told him an hour before.  He was nice enough to tell me that he had no clue where it was, an hour later.  I was upset as my unintended tour of Accra had made me late for my meeting.  Over the next few weeks I came to realize that taxi drivers generally do not know where they are going, a problem compounded by the lack of addresses in most of Accra.  You would think with this newfound knowledge I'd begin to ask for clearer directions.  Anyway I had to go to the Nigerian consulate and told the driver the necessary landmarks, he said he knew where it was.  After driving for an hour, the driver asked me whether I'd ever been to the Nigerian consulate, to which I replied "no".  He stopped the car and said "You've never been there?  Then how are we going to get there?"  Needless to say, it took another hour before we finally located the consulate, I'd almost given up.  Now I leave a 30min 'getting lost' buffer period during my travels.