MEST Graduation

Ghana Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Racheal Chimbghandah

June 15, 2011

This past Saturday on June 11, the entire group of instructors was invited to the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST, Class of 2011 graduation ceremony. Racheal and I met with Edward from Nandimobile earlier in the week, which is located at the MEST Incubator site. We met with all of the entrepreneurs there, and it was truly inspirational! Every one of their companies had come out of MEST and were located in the incubator site, just a short canopy bridge walk away from the institute. Most of the companies had to do with mobile applications, and we are hoping that a few of them could come inspire our students. We want the student to see that entrepreneurship in Ghana is not only a possibility but a reality! All the students at the institute were also very interested in meeting our technical instructors as well (Chase, Michael, and Austin).

Edward graciously invited us to come to the ceremony, and we came promptly at 1:30 pm. Unfortunately, we had never heard of African Standard Time, where events start about an hour after they actually are supposed to start. However, it gave us time to meet with all the disguinshed guests that were at the event as well as allowed the technical team to meet with the students that Racheal and I met earlier in the week.

The ceremony began around 2:20 pm, and we heard speeches from many brillant minds including, but not limited to, Brian Flynn, Jorn Lyseggen, etc. Their speeches extremely motivating! We hope that when some of the members of MEST come to speak to our students that they will be just as inspired.

We are looking forward to meeting more dedicated entrepreneurs in the weeks to come!