Classes Begin

Ghana Summer 2011 Blog

Written by: Kavita Chandra

June 7, 2011

Yesterday, after a long red-eye flight, Michael and I (Kavita) arrived in Accra! It is our first time in Africa and we were greeted at the airport not only with our peers, Racheal and Austin, but also by a large heat wave. We drove through Accra back to our beautiful home, which was unlike anything we expected!

Today, Tuesday, was Michael and my first day of classes. Yesterday was an introduction to the class and the instructors taught some basic Linux/Unix commands. Today began with the technical team setting up the computers in the lab along with everyone's personal laptops and finished up teaching more commands.

Then around eleven in the morning we had our first guest speaker: Bridgette Sexton! She is a project manager at Google in Ghana, and works on technology outreach across Sub Saharan Africa. She spoke to the class about the growing expansion of Android use in West Africa and the world at large. Ghana is not as reliant on Andriod applications as some parts of the world, but rather people here rely on word of mouth. Bridgette introduced the students to the Android Developer Challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa that invites people to create their own applications that could be applicable specifically for their own country. We encouraged all our students to apply to the contest, for more information please feel free to visit the following website (

After Bridgette's insightful lecture, we broke for lunch. All the instructors sat down for our first meal together at a restaurant called "The Basement" where we had native Ghanian food, such as jollof rice. It was really filling and delicious!

After coming back, we played an icebreaker so the students and instructors could get to know each other better! Each person paired up with someone they didn't know and had to introduce them to the class. Some of the introductions were quite hilarious, with one student even claiming he was a better football player than Prince Boateng!

We are looking forward to the rest of the week and the start of the entrepreneurial lectures tomorrow!