Alpha Post

Colombia Summer 2013 Blog

Written by: Josep Marc Mingot Hidalgo

June 20, 2013

The fun has just began!

In Cali, city of the rumbeo and salsa, the entrepreneurs have just begin the exciting trip of beginning a new business. On thursday the Android course began. Coding is hard if you have never done it before, but determination is a powerful tool that can move mountains and even in some cases make you understand object oriented programming. 

Yesterday and today we have been delighted with 2 rounds of the participants elevator pitches. We have ideas for everyone tastes: big, small, social, fun, unreal, ... In the first round every participant received the feedback from their mates. Today the participants have used this feedback to improve their pitches. They are just now voting to see which one of those 32 are going to be selected for the rest of the 5 weeks...

Good luck to all the participants!