Third Week: 10 New MIT AITI Start-Ups rrrev their engines...

Colombia Summer 2012 Blog

Written by: Jennifer Jordan

July 24, 2012

Week Three and we have 10 new MIT AITI Colombia 2012 Start-Up teams reving their engines.  Here is a quick run-down of the companies (in Spanish then English):

MyRoute: MIO en movil, rutas, horas de bus, comprar y recargar billetes.  MIO (Colombia bus system) information on mobile, including routes, schedule, and the ability to buy and recharge bus passes. 

LIV: Controlar, guardar y compartir sus videos.  Businesses and Families alike benefit from a simple streamlined way of controlling, saving and sharing videos

Quick Order: Pedir y pagar comida en plazoleta por movil, recibir ofertas y discuentas de lealtad.  Tired of long lines at take out restaurants, order and pay online with your mobile; restaurants avoid lost sales, improve efficiencies and increase loyalty. 

Cocina Facil: Recibir recetas y ofertas localizadas al entrar al mercado.  Young professionals on their own and on a budget to harried households receive easy to follow recipes with information on all the ingredients along with localized offers when they enter the supermarket. 

Bee Juegos Educativos: juegos efectivos para ninos con hyper-actividad, comunidad para sus padres y datos para los psicologos. Effective mobile games and activities for kids with hyper-activity disorder, a supportive community for parents and data to help parents and doctors monitor kids' progress. 

Andromo: Controlar sus televisor y entretenimiento por automizacion movil.  Control your television and home entertainment system with mobile automation. 

Social Brush: Juego de dibujos mundial con translacion de leguaje.  Draw and share world-wide with on-the-fly language translation: helping us understand each other through art. 

Dyads: El control es suyo, recibir solo los publicidades localizadas que Ud. quiere.  Dyads puts dynamic advertising in the hands of the user.  Users chose the content they want to receive, when and where they want to receive it, making it targeted, timely and near point of purchase. 

Control in Touch: Security in Touch provee un sistema de seguridad para el hogar automatica, movil y accesible. Security in Touch makes monitoring the security of your home automatic, mobile and affordable.

Mi Pico y Placa: Todo lo necesario para facilitar tu mobilidad, incluyendo alarmas y noticias del pico y placa, mercado/intercambio de "rides", compras cooperativas para su automovil. Everything you need to make getting around town easy, including alarms and notices of no-driving times, things to do while you wait, a market-exchange for rides, and cooperative buying of automobile related goods and services.  

You can find more information on the companies and teams on the Colombia Summer 2012 Program page.

The rest of the third week was spent on sizing the market opportunity and knowing the target customer. Once they identified their target consumer, the teams then went to work building description of that customer and identifying a potential advisor for each of their companies. 

Next week, now that we know who the customer is, why and how are they going to pay?  It's time for business models.