Emele S Uka's Profile


United States


I want to work on projects that have a lasting impact. By immersing myself in a new country I become better equipped to serve the community. By living, studying and working in the new place I gain empathy and understanding. I hope to work on projects that serve a need but also empower and educate people to help themselves in a way that is respectful and sustainable. My international experience is as such. In January of 2013, I traveled to Nigeria for a month. My father is Nigerian but I have not lived with him since I was young. My sister and I traveled to his village to learn more about our culture. In November 2013 I traveled to Chile for a Natural Resources Conference and to meet with executives at the biggest open pit copper mine. We discussed corporate stewardship and the mutual beneficial relationship between the community and the company. In January 2014 I went to Mexico to do MISTI Global Teaching Lab in which I taught Trigonometry to High School Students at Prepa Tec de Monterrey and recently I returned to Mexico to attend a conference on the importance of bilateral political and economic relations between the US and Mexico. My interests are varied but what is constant is my interest in the intersection of engineering, entrepreneurship and international development and the belief that tech is key to advancement.

Entrepreneurship Assistant Instructor

South Africa Summer 2014