Panji Gautama's Profile


Universitas Gadjah Mada




yogyakarta, Indonesia



Panji graduated from university of gadjah mada majoring bachelor degree in computer science, currently he is still pursuing his master degree in same major. Previously work as Mobile Game Programmer for international game studio, and a local startup game studio, he also have an experience as a Mobile Application Programmer for major player of e-voucher commerce in Indonesia. He is an agile development fans of Scrum. He love to read books, gaming with consoles & playing with bow and arrow every weekend, enjoy riding with his bike, and craving for an adventure in exotic places. He concern about how to improve and give more added value to the Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), access and information about public services ( which is very lack in every developing countries ), and environmental issue such as littering.


Web APIs, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Game Development