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Mysore, Karnataka, India




Kashyap is a keen Computer Science student, with a Bachelor's degree from the National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. An aspiring entrepreneur, Kashyap has handled web hosting and web development services since his school years and organized many events since, ranging from cricket tournaments to technical talks. Kashyap gets a kick out of combining his technical skills with working with people, and one of his recent achievements include designing an online portal to create a web presence for various charitable organizations and NGOs operating in and around Mysore, Karnataka. At MIT-AITI, Kashyap hopes to understand the process of entrepreneurship better through a formal study and to find new people to learn from and with whom to scale new heights.


Kashyap's technical skills include programming in a wide host of languages, web development, UI/UX design, and familiarity with deeper aspects of Computer Science including algorithms and complexity theory.

Kashyap's other skills reside in competitive swimming, event management, public speaking, making new friends, and having a knack for finding innovative solutions to new problems.