Sahil Bansal's Profile


BMS College of Engineering






Bathinda, India


Sahil Bansal is a computer science graduate from BITS Pilani. He loves working on the cutting edge of technology and has extensive experience in the field of Distributed Systems, and has evaluated Hadoop and distributed cache frameworks for VMWare vCBM. He also has a keen interest in upcoming fields like Cloud Computing and Comparative Genomics, where he has analyzed algorithms in genome assembly. Sahil also has a strong interest in film-making and advertising and has shot short films on Eco-sensitive subjects. At MIT AITI, Sahil is currently working on CommuteBuddies, a venture that intends to encourage commuters to share rides and effectively reduce their expenditure and travel time, while simultaneously helping the environment by reducing carbon emission.


Languages: C, Java, SQL, x86 Assembly
Softwares/Platforms: Eclipse, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, Windows and Unix/Linux Platforms
Distributed System Frameworks: Hadoop, Gemfire
Interests: BigData, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems