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University of the Witwatersrand



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Johannesburg, South Africa


I am originally from Mpumalanga and move to Johannesburg when I was doing my grade 8 and it is where I am based now. Growing up in Mpumalanga has been a childhood journey that I do not regret going through. There are many stories I can tell that have taught me a lot about life. Even though I was young when I stayed in Mpumalanga, but I was able to develop firm principles to live by. When I look back, I realize how many soft skills I actually developed when playing with friends. Therefore a child must play hard to learn hard. Most of the sports I know and love, I learnt them in primary school. This includes cricket and rugby. In fact, my first ever rugby match, when I look back, I usually laugh at my self. It was also during this time when I started to be interested in technical stuff especially technology. I am a very handy person and I like fixing stuff. All these skills I developed in Mpumalanga because I would play around a broken vacuum cleaner or a broken heater to try to fix it. But there is something that caught my attention or my interest, which is why I am studying IT today. What made me study IT was seeing my mom, no, not cooking, but working on the command line and configuring a computer. Seeing her actually taking time to think and finally fix a computer made me become attracted to the technicalities, requirements, and satisfaction that IT brought. From then on, from a young age, I fell in love with IT, at a young age. Therefore I was never stuck in the typical "I want to be a teacher/doctor when I grow up" child mentality. After so many experience I went through in Mpumalanga,after doing my grade 7, I moved to Johannesburg to start my grade 8. Being in a new environment, school and grade. Somehow I was excited about the whole move to Johannesburg and had a positive attitude to it. This taught me a lot. When ever you are approaching something, have a positive mindset to it so that you get the best out of it. During the end of my grade 12, it was then time to choose an institution where I would study IT. This was not easy considering how many institutions actually approach you and try and sell themselves to you. But that was not the only decision to make, I also had to make sure I choose the right IT degree. This made me realize how many important decisions one has to make in life as a whole and that this most of these decisions are crucial in the person's life. The decisions I made regarding my career, I do not regret. Though the course was tough and still is, but at the same time I enjoyed and am still enjoying it. Now I am an IT graduate and I am furthering my education in IT and am part of a leadership internship program which I am very grateful that I am part of. Being part of this program, is an answer to my prayers. My life as a whole is a journey that was not easy to go through but at the same time is was an interesting journey.


Soft Skills
- Ethical
- Honest
- Able to work in a dynamic group
- Positive
- Peace maker

Technical Skills
- Developer in the following languages
+C#, C++, JAVA, HTML, JavaScript, VB and SQL