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Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Job Title

Entrepreneurial Lead


Johannesburg, South Africa


Elli is the Entrepreneurial Lead for AITI South Africa and is responsible for teaching the entrepreneurial curriculum, including idea generation, market analysis, marketing, pitching, public speaking/presentations, funding and networking. She is also responsible for building networks of local investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and developers centered in Johannesburg. Prior to AITI South Africa, Elli worked at Citigroup, where she marketed multi-asset investment solutions to institutional clients from Asia, Europe and North America. She is passionate about social innovation and entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is originally from Japan and has lived in Japan, US, France, and few months in Tanzania. Elli holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Swarthmore College, MBA from HEC Paris, and MSc in Management Studies from MIT Sloan.

Entrepreneurship Lead Instructor

South Africa Summer 2013