Luis Cariño's Profile


Mexico City, Mexico


Luis Carino is a student of Computer Engineering at Engineering Faculty UNAM. He was part of the training program of UNICA at UNAM, where he took courses in programming languages as C, Java, JSP's, Networks, LINUX. He also developed the register webpage for the event called "Jornada de ex-alumnos de la Facultad de Ingeniería" using PHP and Postgres. In 2012 he got a certification as an Android Jr. Developer. Actually he's working at DGTIC (Direccion General de Comunicación, Tecnologias de Informacion y Computación) at UNAM where he's developing physics simulations using Javascript, HTML5 and CCS3. He's really into mobile and web development and want to launch his first start-up.


Android, iOS, Java, JavaScript, HTML.