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MIT Sloan alumni with focus in Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy. Passonate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I have worked in start-up projects in France, India and the United-States: -Coached entrepreneurs and helped them secure investment and capture new markets (2008-2009, France), -Worked for the first crowdfunding start-up in France as a Business Developer (2010, France), -Designed training for African entrepreneurs interested in replicating SELCO India's business model (2011, India), -Worked for a consultancy specialized in Innovation and New Business Model Design for Emerging markets (2012, France), -Participated in Business Plan Competitions for Takachar Ventures: semi-finalist in the MIT 100K pitch competition, arrived second place in Walmart's National Business Plan Competition and won $10,000 in prize (2013, United-States)


Business Development
Marketing of New Technologies
Social Innovation
Coaching of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Lead Instructor

Colombia Summer 2013