Abass Rasheed Olamilekan's Profile


University of Lagos




Lagos, Nigeria


ABASS RASHEED OLAMILEKAN is currently a fresh graduate of the department of computer sciences, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. He is often known for the passion he has for lecturing and his exceptional love for mathematics especially when it comes to the aspect of calculation. He won an award in his junior secondary school days in "mathematics" and "integrated science". He also does something so unusual, he makes calculation atimes at a speed faster than a calculator's processing speed. This often makes people especially his contemporaries call him "computer" while some say "calculator". He is currently thinking on how he could deliver the students of this nation from the hands of "mathematics is hard" slogan and impressions they have. He has an idea currently on what to do. He wants the impression people especially students have about mathematics to change. He graduated as a second class upper division student in his department, where he was the third best student in his class, only two first class students were present though he was very close to first class, on a C.G.P.A of 4.37 / 5.00. In his W.A.E.C; senior secondary level, he had 6 A1s , 2 B2s and 1C5 in English. He loves mathematics.


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