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Strathmore University


Xrystalgennius LTD

Job Title

Chief Technical Officer






Nairobi, Kenya


Dominic Mativo graduated from Strathmore University's Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) in June 2010 where he also joined the MIT/AITI Program from June to July. He is part of a team that developed Icheki, a matatu/bus tracking system that was conceived during the MIT/AITI program in June-July 2010 and which won the prestigious Base of the Pyramid peer award at Mobile Monday 2010 finals in Helsinki, Finland. He is very much interested in using technology, especially the mobile technologies, to improve the standards of living in developing countries. He is a co-founder of Xrystalgenius, the company behind iCheki Mobile Application, where he is a Software developer. Dominic is a technical person with hands on experience in Mobile application development including Java and Android. Currently he is in Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agricuture and Technology -JKUAT Nairobi-Kenya, studying Electronics and Computer Engineering.


Dominic has skills in:
1. J2ME Mobile Application Development.
2. Android Application Development.
3. Website Design and Development with mainly Php and JavaScript.

Technical Assistant Instructor

Kenya IAP 2011