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Samidh Chakrabarti is a technology entrepreneur who believes passionately that startups can radically improve the human condition. Samidh is an AITI veteran, having been an instructor in Kenya in 2001, and also leading AITI's expansion to Ghana in 2002. This summer, Samidh will serve as the lead entreprenuership instructor in AITI's inaugural program in Sri Lanka. Samidh previously co-founded a data mining startup, Pluribo, which helped ignite the field of sentiment analysis. Prior to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Samidh was a senior consultant with McKinsey & Company, advising Fortune 100 technology executives on strategy and operations. Samidh is a graduate of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, and also earned graduate degrees in History of Science (from Oxford) and Technology Policy (from Cambridge), where he was a Marshall Scholar.

Entrepreneurship Lead Instructor

Sri Lanka Summer 2011

Technical Lead Instructor

Ghana Summer 2002

Technical Lead Instructor

Kenya Summer 2001