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Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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Providence, RI, United States


My dream in life is to understand the world and make it a better place. I love exploring new places, getting to know people, and making the people around me happy. I've spend the last 24 years of my life, or as far back as I can remember, trying to understand how to have the most beneficial and meaningful impact on the world around me during my lifetime. I came to MIT in search of adventure and the answers to my lifelong question. By the time I graduated, I had studied biology, physics, engineering, sustainability, international development policy, and entrepreneurship. (I ended up with a mechanical engineering degree.) My most life-changing experiences at MIT were traveling and meeting amazing people around the world with MIT's D-Lab program, taking two classes in system dynamics and the challenge of world poverty, and helping create two tech startups from their business plans to first products. Since graduating, I have been teaching mathematics through Teach for America (a two-year public service fellowship) and mentored 7 amazing Sri Lankan startup teams through MIT-AITI last summer. I have also begun developing plans for my own startup, one which will launch the next phase of my adventure in understanding the world and having the most meaningful impact on the people around me.


My most useful skills:
Dreaming of how the world could be, having adventures, talking to new people, and being nice.

I'm also very good at:
Brainstorming product designs, project management, taking startups through their first stages.

Skills I'm learning:
Teaching new concepts in simple ways, navigating business partnerships, and programming for mobile phone operating systems.

Entrepreneurship Assistant Instructor

Sri Lanka Summer 2013

Entrepreneurship Lead Instructor

Sri Lanka IAP 2014