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LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited

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Executive Partner


Houston, United States




Born in Ibadan, and raised in Warri, Delta State- Michael Oluwagbemi is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University USA and University of Houston. In 2008, he co-founded LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited a business and project development firm that focuses on start-up and early stage ventures in Lagos, Nigeria. Michael holds professional project management and engineering certifications, and have extensive experience in the energy industry. His deep involvement with start-ups have seen him participating in seeding more than half a dozen start-ups in West Africa. Michael is pursuing a MBA degree at the University of London. Michael hobbies are blogging (writing), swimming and of course, reading good biographies. You can catch up with him on www.busanga.com among other places on the web where his writings are syndicated.


Start-up Incubation & Venture Capital.

Guest Lecturer

Nigeria Summer 2011