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Strathmore University




Nairobi, Kenya


inalienable rights i believe we are all entitled to access.access to tools and services that improve our quality of life and by extension the lives of those who depend on us. i am an engineer with a bias towards telecommunications and I.T. and my career choice was entirely motivated by the above phones and systems have become an intrinsic part of our lives and therefore have the potential to revolutionize how we do "everything" thus are the best means by which to reach out and make a long term positive and economically viable impact. with this in mind i have been a part of the M-lab initiative where i worked on developing a blood donor system which provided a means to link hospitals and volunteers (based on regional criteria) and therefore guarantee availability of blood supply in case of disasters and to source rare blood types when urgently needed. as an undergraduate i worked on micro-controller systems for task automation as my final year project. i have worked as an engineering intern at Telkom Kenya working and training on CDMA systems,VSAT technologies,radio and PSTN end-office maintainance and Kengen (Kenya Electricity Generation Company)where i was involved in maintaining large scale diesel generators at Kipevu power plant




Kenya Summer 2011