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Strathmore University

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Nairobi, Kenya


Vincent Odwako Anyanje is currently pursuing Masters in Telecommunication Innovation and Development at Strathmore University. This is after he successfully completed his undergraduate studies in Business Information Technology from the same University. Odwako is an individual who is constantly seeking to expand knowledge and utilize experience. He is committed to learning, excellence, ethics and people. Odwako is an excellent communicator, a quick learner, and has well-honed administrative skills with great interest in business and passion for community services and positive change. Most important, he is a team player. By the virtue of his unique mix of work experience and status as a Strathmore University Business Information Technology graduate, Odwako has offered unique skill set to various organizations in the IT fraternity. Just to mention, he assisted Shimba technologies in deploying mobile applications in conjunction with Nokia. His mobile based application is awaiting Quality Assurance on the Ovi Store. The app provides first-hand information to expectant mothers and female gender at large regarding maternal care. It also allows one to blog and share ideas and information in general. As an expert in Information Technology with a broad-based background in both hardware and software, and specifically as a Data Analyst in his most recent job, Odwako has demonstrated strong senior-level data quality assurance, interpersonal communication skills, and the commitment to relationship management. As a result of vast experience in different organizations, he has gained greater exposure to computer science and the business environment. Additionally, he has gained a wider scope of business organizations and how they are run or should be run. In a nutshell, he has been prepared to meet the demands in the modern business environment with wide knowledge of business management, technical skills and capacity to harness and implement IT strategies taking advantage of emerging ICT technologies.


-Computer proficiency (Web design, MSSQL server, database design, windows mobile programming, programming in C, Python, C++, Java platforms and implementing systems security mechanisms and services, Knowledge of hardware setup and software installation).

-Good interpersonal skills.