Caine Wanjau's Profile


Strathmore University



Job Title

VP Operations


Nairobi, Kenya


Caine grew up and did his primary and high school education in Nairobi, Kenya. Upon finishing high school, he went to Japan for 1 year to do his pre-University course and also learn the Japanese language. He found it to be an eye-opening and fun experience, as it opened his mind up to the possibilities out there, especially in mobile technologies. Caine's next stop was Melbourne, Australia, where he did his undergraduate studies. He graduated with a degree in Computer Technologies, and in addition he also got a Diploma of Engineering. While in Australia, he also worked with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a Credit Solution Officer. He recently came back to Kenya (Nov 2010) and he is currently enrolled in the Safaricom Academy/Strathmore University Masters Program. Caine is also part of a start up called Nikohapa, which is a mobile-based customer loyalty program. You can check it out at