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kigali, Rwanda


Martial is a Christian entrepreneur,counselor, thinker and motivational speaker. he was born in Burundi and he's blessed with both parents,four brothers: Ghislain,Fernand,Bruce,yvan and one sister:Raissa. In july 1994, He returned back home with his family members as it happened for more than three million rwandan refugees who have returned home since the 1994 genocide that took over one million innocent lives, horribly massacred because of the way God had created them. Though he grew up in a religious family, this didn't mean much to him. As a teenager, he pursued the vanity that this world offers until his life hit the dead-end. God came to his rescue on Thursday, May 25th 2006. Since then, he strives to see lives impacted, imparted and transformed from sharing his personal daily experiences with the holy Spirit and from the life-transforming word of God. Martial university studies held in Kigali institute of Science and Technology where he is pursuing Computer engineering and information technology. He fluently speaks English,French,Kinyarwanda and a bit of Swahili. Martial studied Physics-math in high-school, then with a highly motivation he leads a small group of children about living a successfully daily life from the grace of God through Christ and how to be good with others without breaking a friendly relationship built on each one's principles. Martial met someone who became his friend after Martial worked under the guidance of that person on computer maintenance and networking for the contracts of different companies in Kigali. In entrepreneurship; Martial look forward to become a small/big business planner for the good of his family and country people to reach a healthy life by starting from what a person love more than what he likes to do which can bring him/her financial support, he is now being trained on life principles.he is also a gifted modern-dancer..


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