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Universidad de IngenierĂ­a y TecnologĂ­a


Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria

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Student of Architecture Naval


Luis ZG


Lima, Peru



Born in 1992, in Huancayo - Peru, grew up with my family and studied in Salesians School until my 16 years, during all this period I get on the science, taking special care on Physics, also using my free times to explore out of the cities trying to match my short knowledge with the nature, and how all is related. After that part of my life I decided to go to Lima to study in Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, after one year and a half I get into it, since that moment my knowledge became higher and now I'm trying to use it for the benefit of my country.


Modeler in Rhinoceros + Grasshoper
Good Communicator
Pro active
Curious about any topic of science
checking every new and started about science projects every day so I can relate the most recent technology to apply in different ways for purposes